What’s New!

What’s your Dream Home?  Take the Survey below:

When you enter your dream home from a hard day at work or play and close that door behind you, how do you want to feel?

Name 3 qualities that your dream home has.

In your dream home, when you wake up in the morning, what surrounds you?

When you look out the window, what do you see?

Where do you go in your home for comfort and peace?  What do you do?

Where in your home do you go for fun?  What do you do?

How many rooms are there?

Who is around you?

How many rooms do you want?

How many square feet?

What do you think the cost is of your dream home?

Submit your answers as comments in this blog.



What’s New, What’s Trending, What’s Post Pique?

What’s “trending” is almost always what’s soon to be “post pique”.  Mid Century Modern is so 2006 BUT classic design well done, no matter the year is timeless.

Your home as an EXPERIENCE is what’s new. doing it well. doing it once. falling and staying in love with your home. *that’s* what’s new.

We want to simplify without giving up a thing.  We want our homes to embrace us and we want to embrace them right back.

Do a few small extraordinary things that bring you joy. Say YES!  So here are a few things to tickle your fancy:

Wallcovering is exploding with artistry!  Whether it’s Weitzner’s handmade papers applied to your wall with a brilliant paint color showing through,

or a delightful surprise making it’s show stopping appearance dancing on a lampshade!  Get creative!  One such being applied it between two pieces of glass and used it for a dividing wall.  This artful medium has infinite possibilities for you to make it your own.

What else you want to know?  Well DRAPERIES are back!

No, not the boxstore curtains with holes and grommets and clunky rods, no! perish the thought! brings tears to our eyes. we never liked them in the first place.  And no, not those old fashioned ruffly pleats and swaths of fabric thrown across the tops of windows.  And definitely not the fake curtains that won’t close or crazy rods that don’t even span the width of the windows, no.  Those cost savers were never “in”.

What New are fabrics!  Magnificent, Surprising, Sensuous, Artful Fabrics!

From the magic of floating circles (Weitzner brings it again!)

To Schumacher’s calm but boldly scaled patterns,

And Designer Guild’s daring colors and scale.

But the coup de gras is FEATHERS!

Imagine a wall of them!  Schumacher’s wallcovering will feather your nest like it’s never been done before.  Individually placed, side by side, layer after layer, this will thrill any home.

Whether calming or thrilling, romantic or enticing, a few extraordinary pieces strategically placed, can give your home the attention it and you will deserve.  This way of doing design: mindfully, carefully and in a way that manifests your finest desires for yourself; will result in an experience with great rewards on many levels – emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.  Let’s do it together!