The Experience of “Creating Home” stays with you throughout your lifetime and can be a memory that brings positive light into your life, or casts a shadow.

How does your home look, sound, feel and function?  Who you are in the world and how people respond to you, are shaped in a more dramatic way than you can imagine!

Conspire to feather your nest with a professional who can bring your best into the light.

A student of humanity, Pamela’s design skills have been honed with the intrigue of the powerful effect our environment has on our well being.  30 years of studies and experience with interior design, opens up a world of information on the effects color, sound, touch, comfort, function and even geometry have on human beings.  Having a solid home base, grounded in our truest selves, frees us up to experience more of our life and enjoy it more fully.

• How do you want to feel when you come home and shut the door.

• How can your home benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually?

• How do you want your home to function for you.

• How can you become more engaged with your life?

• What purchases are going to be wise for you long term?

(It’s true Interior Design can be fun, but it’s not all “fringes and frills” forever – there’s more to it than you might think!)


Consultation:  Professional Advice at an hourly fee of $125.

Purchases:  Guaranteed fair pricing suggested by manufacturers.

Drawings/Images:  Skilled in technology that helps us to envision our ideas, drawings and images save us money, time and angst by helping us to see our thoughts, give form to our ideas.  With that information we can make wise decisions based on sound knowledge that will stand the test of time.

Classes:  Interior Design for Beginners / Zen and the Art of Floral Arranging /  The Psychology of Color and Geometry / The Secret Effects of Sound in your Environment

Classes have been taught at Dakota County Night Classes, Community Colleges, International Market Square, MN Zen Meditation Center.  A group of 4 or more can schedule a class.

Tour of International Market Square:  Take a tour of the “Sales-to-the-Trade” Showrooms to see what on the cutting edge of design, and have lunch together in The Atrium:

2 hours $35.  A group of 4 or more can schedule a tour.  IMS Open M-F  9 – 5  Lunch served from 11 – 2.

Collaborative Approach

A student of the myriad layers in humanity, Pamela’s style is characterized by her ability to manifest her client’s personalities in their homes.  There is an openness, a desire to hear her client’s stories and unearth the hidden beauty that resides there.  Finding that beauty, whether it’s a sense of silliness, laughter  and joy, a love of theater, grandeur and drama, a Zen-like simplicity, or a comfortable country scene; finding the essence of each person is the thrill of her work.  Finding out who you are, and giving it expression with beauty and balance is her greatest skill.  There is a trust that is born of that openness, making feathering your nest a lovely experience for Pamela and you as well as anyone who may be involved in the collaboration such as family, architects, skilled laborers, builders and the like.


Clients describe Pamela’s work as “right out of my soul” and “full of surprises.” She brings out a certain fun and playfulness in her work, while maintaining high-art sophistication. She maintains a balance between ardent respect for art, creativity and style, and following guidelines that provide grounding, structure and balance, without being bound by steadfast rules.


For over 20 years, Pamela has taught classes and seminars on Interior Design in the Minneapolis area to interior designers, builders/architects, home owners. Her interests in the relationship between psychology and color preferences pervade her classes, designs and working style.  Pamela’s class on Flower Arranging has recently moved into the simplicity and grace of Japanese Flower Arranging, and she’s taught classes at the Zen Center on Lake Calhoun.

Architectural Renovation

Pamela enjoys working with the spaces themselves: envisioning additions and restructuring the space. With a close focus on practicality and the client’s needs she transforms spaces from the ordinary to extraordinary.

Respect for Budgets

Trusting relationships are her stronghold.  Pamela will listen and respect your budget and help to educate you so that you know what you are getting for your money.  She has a keen insight into where to spend to get the biggest bang for your buck, and where to save.  She has 30 years of experience and has developed relationships with vendors who give the best values for their pricing.


Educated at the U of M followed by 25+ yrs of experience has given Pamela a background that is grounded in practicality.  She worked at Dayton’s, Gabberts, Durr Limited in Edina and has been on her own for 15 years.  She has been a part of the Design Program at International Market Square, for the last 15+ yrs and you can see her at the front desk in the lobby a couple of times a month.